Ice Hole – Live Art Journal is an online journal focusing on Live Art and Performance Art. We publish videos and texts and our aim is to share thoughts, ideas, inspirations and discussions. The journal is published by Reality Research Center, Helsinki.

Ice Hole team: Tuomas Laitinen, Louna-Tuuli Luukka, Pilvi Porkola, Nora Rinne, Janne Saarakkala

Graphic designer: Iina Lievonen

Programmer: Tomi Dufva

ISSUE no.6

Done in collaboration with “How To Do Things with Performance” -research project, Performing Arts Research Centre at the Theatre Academy of University of the Arts Helsinki.
Editorial staff: Pilvi Porkola with Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen and Tero Nauha.
Contributors: Annette Arlander, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Hanna Järvinen, Tuomas Laitinen, Karolina Kucia, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola.

ISSUE no.5

Love by Adriana Disman, Esther Neff and Joël Verwimp with a response by Pilvi Porkola