Diva Score

Drumroll. The Diva takes a bow, rises, bows. The Diva approaches, each cell awake.
Tragedy and comedy in their hands. The Diva sees no one with their spider eyes. The
show starts Summaries of the scenes The Selfie, The Flowers, The Hands, The Drink.

1. The Selfie: Smoke from the mouth, make-up plaster, in the eyes a smoothie of
emotions. New selves in the new night — the night which licked the drafts of

2. The Flowers: fresh scrunchy fragrant multicolored ruffles bundles combination
burst from the pockets, the nightstand, on the graves, from the stage bin as the
words escape. Water lily tulips Fashion, Jessica Verdi, Heart’s Delight, Johanna,
Strauss, Love Song, Live Long, Showwinner.

3. The Hands: worn hands, shaking, with and without nails, with and without
wounds, in gloves, in sexes, rash, sleeping and in the air, the hands scratching
and ripping, moisturised and intertwined, in cuffs and mittens, in the dirt, in
gold, the hands sculpting, wet and certain.

4. The Drink: the superstar’s martini. Strawberry aroma and a tongue-cherry. A
cocktail glass. Some frozen heart, crushed. Do you want a story? Here comes.
Lots of flirt and tricks. Yas yas, hohoo.

The Diva puffbreathes and watches. Flowers fly onto the stage, maybe some overripeplums. The shared adrenaline, dust in the air. The flowers and the heart are eaten.

Elsa Tölli_fin