The First Word

Of course there is nothing like the first word of the first human language. But something has been there in the beginning.

It is said that at first language was needed for two reasons: to warn the others of danger, like ”Look out, a sabretooth tiger”, or to guide the others in using a tool: ”Let me show you.”

In addition to the words concerning survival and practical needs, before long came a need for expressions of love and beauty.


Proposition: Two white papers, on the first one a random trail of ink is splattered. After this an attempt to copy the first one onto the second.

The same with physical objects: Half a dozen dice or other objects are thrown on the table. After this the same pattern is created beside the original using dice or other similar objects. The ”objects” can also be loose plastic letters, for instance.


So the idea is that at first there is something random, then you attempt to replicate it.

PS. Form a random symbol or trail (for instance, a splatter of paint or an asemic glyph), and then try to replicate or copy it analogically.

Karri Kokko_fin