Year of the Snake – Swinging is the last part in a series of twelve one-year projects performed for the camera on the same island off Helsinki, exploring the question how to perform landscape today. The series called Animal Years (2002-2014) is based on the Chinese calendar and its cycle of twelve years, each named after an animal. During this last year I played with the movement of a small swing and documented my (almost) weekly performances on video and in a tri-lingual blog. An aspen on the western shore provided the support for the swing, and served as the main developing character, displaying the shifting seasons and weather without receiving much credit for this enforced contribution. This type of hierarchical approach to collaboration is illustrative of the role of plants in most performances and also exemplifies, albeit unintentionally, our complete dependence on plants. This brief ”action version” of the four-channel installation shows most of all how time flies or perhaps keeps swinging on.