We are here again: the second issue of ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal!

In Sara Parathine’s video Scarabée the performer is moving across the dunes and pushing a frame of the image. It seems like she is trying to do something impossible; to be inside of the image but to control its framing at the same time. In the end of the video she falls down after trying to do this exhausting job.

Artist and researcher Annette Arlander writes about performances acted out in front of a camera. Since many performances are never repeated, documentation has become not only a way to get another audience but also a way to produce objects for the art market. For Arlander, video documentations are however above all evidence of the actualisation of performances. Beside Arlander’s text you will see another video by Sara Parathine, Shipwreck.

Lithuanian dance writer Božena Gudalevič and Finnish aesthetician Max Ryynänen engage in a dialogue about the consequences of an art festival. How are art works affected by the fact of being displayed in the context of a festival? Does the audience view performances differently within a festival? In the end of the text Ryynänen suggests that also the academia could use the festival as a format instead of the conference – I wonder how that would guide the content!

In her video Quid pro quo, the performance artist Christina Georgiou carries her mother to her old residency.

I’m convinced that you can make an interesting performance in one minute. In this issue Diana Soria Hernandez, Vili Nissinen, David Frankovich and Hannah Gullichsen prove it is true. Each of them creates a one minute performance with a chocolate bunny.

I don’t know if you are familiar with a species called the Finnish Male –  if not, we have one as a correspondent. Ilkka Hautala opens up some of his emotions.

I hope you will enjoy this issue!

On the 9th May 2015 in Helsinki

Pilvi Porkola



Ps. A lot of thanks to all of you who offered videos and texts to ICE HOLE!