Excerpts from the live action/ intervention “Quid pro quo” by Christina Georgiou

Description of action:
The artist is carrying her mother while walking towards Ledra Palace crossing point, in an endeavor to cross the border of Nicosia. This action is an action of exchange, a favor for a favor for her mother and all the mothers who were carrying their children while moving from place to place during the exile. The artists’ mother has been exiled together with her family from the North to the South part of Cyprus in 1974. With this action the artist is transporting her mother back home as a payback. There is a negotiation between mother and child, where the parent that used to be the carrier of the helpless child receives the favor after 37 years, as the child realizes the mother’s wish to go back to where she belongs. The child becomes the motivator, because of the mother’s endless wish.

More info about the project: mappingthebody-embodyingthemap.blogspot.com/

Realization: 8 August 2011
Location: Ledra Palace crossing point, crossing from the South to the North side of Nicosia
Duration: 10 minutes

© Christina Georgiou