At Bone 18 Performance Art Festival, Bern, Switzerland
A video documentary by Evamaria Schaller for ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal issue no.4

With Black Market International:
Jürgen Fritz (DE), Myriam Laplante (CA), Alastair MacLennan (NI), Helge Meyer (DE), Boris Nieslony (DE), Marco Teubner (DE), Elvira Santamaria Torres (MX), Jacques van Poppel (NL), Lee Wen (SG) und Roi Vaara (FI), Norbert Klassen (DE), Julie Andrée T. (CA)

Black Market International (BMI), founded in 1985, is an international collective of established and independent performance artists who also work as solo artists. They encounter in different events around the world to create fundamental moments together and to exhange ideas. In BONE 18 festival BMI was celebrating it’s 30th anniversary with group performances, solos, duets and interviews.