How to perform landscape by repetition?

One way of doing things with performance is through repetition, although that is perhaps not the first thing one would associate with traditional performance art. In my presentation at the seminar, titled “How to perform landscape by repetition?” I described recreating a version of a performance for camera, Year of the Horse (Sitting on a Rock) (2003), on the same site twelve years later, Year of the Horse – Calendar 1-2 (2015), albeit returning to the place only once a month rather than once a week. I spoke some extracts from a text called “Repeat, Revisit, Recreate—Two Times Year of the Horse” published in PARSE Journal #3 (2016), which problematizes the idea of recreations. The full text is available online. The actual video works were not shown at the seminar. Thus, for this context, I have made a small compilation inserting both parts of the 2003 version of the work into the beginning of the first part of the 2015 video, and including the power point text as a very slow scroll.