This is the Christmas Special!

Christmas is about gifts, lights, Christmas gnomes, songs, angels, Santa Clauses and food. It is about candles, decorations, trees and cards.  Moreover, Christmas is glittering and it’s red; it’s about giving and consuming, quieting down and celebrating, it’s religious and non-religious. It is full of symbols, sensations and materials that have always inspired artists.  I was wondering how Christmas has inspired video and performance artists so I called on artists to do (or send already done) Christmas videos to Ice Hole.

For the cover video, Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke have filmed kissing Santas.

Diana Soria Hernandez’s festive video is titled Portable Carol.

In Nicolette Webster’s video It’s all around you, Santas take us into deeper tones of the Christmas.

For our series of one-minute-performance-videos, the performances   were created by the previous and current students of Live Art and Performance Studies (Uniarts, Helsinki). Joljin de Wolf, Antonin Brinda, Harriet Rabe, Petros Konnaris and Jay Mar Albaos chose an object, Christmas lights, and did five different variations with and about them.

With these videos I wish a Merry Christmas to all of you!

Pilvi Porkola